I work with individual adults and couples on a variety of issues including relationship struggles, parenting skills and life transitions. I have experience working with families on issues related to finances, custody, blended families, behavior management, adoption and  infertility concerns. A significant part of my practice is devoted to working with couples on resolving conflict, reconnecting and strengthening commitment. I have experience working with diverse populations across many settings. The one thing I have found that all people have in common is a desire to be accepted and valued. I strive to provide an environment in which clients feel that and can take it out into their everyday world. I work from a strengths perspective in partnering with my clients to help them achieve the emotional well being they desire. I would love the opportunity to travel with you on your life journey! 

Divorce Coaching



  P- parenting plan            

E- equitable distribution

   A- alimony                         

 C- child support               

 E - everything else          

Before you call an attorney...   


My fees are typically half of what an attorney will charge per hour and together we can determine the priorities you have for yourself and your family. I can provide information about the aspects involved in most divorces, the options available to you in the process and the pros and cons of each so that you can THEN choose an attorney that is the right fit for meeting your goals in the most cost effective way. 

Believe it or not divorce does not have to be contentious. The divorce culture of our times has been that each spouse "lawyers up" and the most aggressive team "wins". In reality there are no winners in divorce, but if you approach your divorce collaboratively with the needs of the children at the forefront there don't have to be any "losers" either. 


If you are already involved in a contentious situation and feel that you need an advocate I can be that sounding board and support as you make decisions on how to proceed through your separation and divorce, so that you don't let emotional issues impact your ability to make rational decisions that can impact your future. 


Parent Coordination


My goal is to facilitate healthy, productive conversations with a couple to allow them to find solutions that works best for their family, especially the children. I believe that whenever possible progress can be made more efficiently when couples are able to meet together to have discussions which I can help facilitate. If that is not a healthy option for a couple we can work separately as well. My work with a couple is not intended to take the place of working with an attorney, but rather to supplement the process which tends to lead to quicker and less expensive resolutions.

 Collaborative Divorce is a method for divorcing couples to come to a consensus on divorce issues. In a collaborative divorce, the parties are empowered to make decisions based on their own needs and interests, but with the aid of attorneys, a mental health professional who is an expert on working on divorce issues, and a financial neutral to assist with developing a financial solution that the parties agree to. Collaborative divorce can be less expensive than other divorce methods because there is an agreement to work together for a solution